Philadelphia’s Multicultural Tourism Council was a pacesetter in the cultural heritage movement, now replicated in more than 30 states and cities. For more details on black entrepreneurship, visit the National Black Business Month reference or consult Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business tenth edition.
Pennsylvania black businesses grew 80.6 percent during the five years ending in 2007, according to the preliminary estimates from the Survey of Business Owners. The 44,710 firms in 2007 earned $3.5 billion, up from 24,757 companies that took in $2.1 billion.

Our latest study, Silicon Ceiling 13, reports:

Under three percent of African-American workers in Pennsylvania held computer, engineering and

science jobs, with just over one percent in computer fields.

There were 93,465 black college and graduate students in Pennsylvania in 2006 of which about 900

were graduate science and engineering students.