D.L. Hughley = D.W. Griffith

The period following the Civil War was a progressive era for American democracy in the South as many states began reforms like compulsory public education.  But that history was obscured by the image left by a film called “The Klansman” or “Birth of a Nation” by D.W. Griffith, still considered by many whites one of […]

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Hughley show is an abomination

I watched the D.L. Hughley show on CNN and it began to turn my stomach from the beginning.   It is as if Spike Lee’s movie on modern day minstrelsy came to life. In pursuit of cheap laughs, Hughley gives voice to the most racist stereotypes of African-Americans.  The skit in which Freddy Mac was portrayed […]

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Staying in San Francisco

My testimony to the Board of Supervisors provides a comprehensive set of recommendations for city government, the school district, community college board and higher education institutions to address the most extensive black outmigration of any city in the country.

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The political pot and kettle

With numerous commentators, see Harold Meyerson in Oct. 23 Washington Post,  remarking on the latent racism of the Republican campaign of Sen. John McCain, who’s lately been harping about ‘spreading the wealth’, it was inevitable that someone would realize that McCain has more black relatives than Sen. Obama, at least in the United States. CNN’s Jason […]

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Black business skyscrapers

While visiting Durham, N.C.,  I passed the august North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. building, one of the premiere monuments of African-American business history.  It made me reflect on how few skyscrapers mark our major cities to show the evidence of black business. There’s the Johnson Publishing Co. building in Chicago, the Atlanta Life and […]

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Difference between I and we

There are two different political soliloquoys on the airwaves this week. In one ad, Sen. John McCain says “I” will fix the financial problem.  In the other, Sen. Barack Obama says “we all” have to address the education problem. The battle of pronouns helps explain why more than 3.5 million have invested their money in […]

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Not only has the season changed, but I’ve watched my mother “Toots” enter a new phase by entering a place called Autumn Care. This is a phenomenon that almost everyone will face, but almost no one is prepared for–that place between complete self-reliance and self-sufficiency and 24-hour a day care. The sums involved are mind-boggling, […]

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What about Africa?

The “foreign policy” debate, like most American public discourse, ignored Africa, notwithstanding the presence of the son of a Kenyan and the great-great grandson of a Mississippi slaveowner on the stage at the University of Mississippi. Earlier this week, the visits of Alaska’s governor to the United Nations, were judged more important than the special […]

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Fire the CEO

If your financial collossus was on the verge of default, rescuers would insist, as they did for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Lehman Bros., that the CEO must go. If you had lost confidence of investors and your governing board, it would be time to hit the road, jack. Given those free market principles, the solution to […]

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Don’t ya luv it..

This review of the Paulson “plan” from the Washington Post: Mocking the Bailout as an E-Mail Spam Scam By Garance Franke-Ruta A satirical e-mail is circulating through the inboxes of official Washington mocking Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s proposed financial sector bailout. Written in the language of a Nigerian bank scam spam e-mail, the author of […]

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The political poison pill

At least a few folks on Capitol Hill are troubled that they’ve been asked to approve the largest appropriation in American history without any real information.  It is analogous to the authorization which has led to the war in Iraq. Clearly, Congress didn’t know it would amount to $1 trillion dollars then. When the same […]

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The Warrior Queen

Queen Calafia: Ruler of California will star the phenomenal singer/songwriter/actress Ajuana Black on Sept. 30, Oct. 1, Oct. 2 in the Buriel Clay Theatre in the African-American Art and Culture Complex at 762 Fulton St.   Tickets are going fast and can be purchased online. Here’s a clip of this talented performer at the Guerrilla Cafe […]

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