A lot to be thankful for

It was very appropriate on Thanksgiving Day to have the opportunity to watch an array of Congressional Black Caucus members at Williams College in Massachusetts hosted by Gov. Deval Patrick to discuss the CBC and President Obama. Not only were they thankful for the prospect of having an opportunity to visit the White House for […]

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Obama deserves credit for Iraq deal

There is grumbling over the possible retention of Defense Secretary Robert Gates by President-elect Obama, among those who feel it is backtracking from the original impetus of the campaign–opposition to the war in Iraq. In fact, the news that Iraq’s parliament overwhelmingly passed the status of forces agreement, (meaning they had more democratic involvement in […]

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Digital Tipping Point

This series of 11 interview segments is part of Digital Tipping Point, a documentary and Interet archive on open source software produced by Christian Einfeldt. They feature John William Templeton, a widely published historian, journalist, and business commentator. John is president and executive editor of eAccess Corp. in San Francisco. As editor of the San Jose Business […]

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Where would NASCAR be without the Big 3?

I watched the election night results about a half mile from the Lowes Motor Speedway outside Charlotte, N.C.   During the campaign, the “NASCAR” voter was apparently supporting Republican candidates. The speedway like most tracks around the country is covered with logos for the major automakers.  Although the once verboten imports are prominently displayed, the sports’ […]

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Is Detroit the new Katrina?

The lightning fast way in which Paulsen and Kashkari (carrying cash out of the Treasury) have doled out $250 billion to megabanks stands in poignant contrast to the fact that most of the $125 billion dedicated to Hurricane Katrina relief still has not been sent to the people of the Gulf Coast. A group of […]

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Are we chumps?

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-MD, had the opportunity to lay out his personal anguish about the Congressional Black Caucus’ act of bipartisanship to change votes to support the $700 billion bailout from the Treasury Dept. Grilling Neel Kashkari, the 35-year-old former Goldman Sachs analyst put in charge of the plan, in the House Oversight Subcommittee, Cummings […]

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Karenga on the future with Obama

Reimagining the Future With Obama: Being Aware, Organized and Engaged Dr. Maulana Karenga It is not difficult to recognize or respect the remarkable moment in the history of this country that the election of Barack Obama represents, nor the profound and particular meaning it has for us as a people; or the significance it holds […]

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Remember Crispus Attucks

As we celebrate Veterans Day, it is fitting to recognize the first American to die for this country. Crispus Attucks was slain by British soldiers in the Boston Massacre in 1770, the first of millions of  African-Americans to fight for a country that has continued to circumscribe their rights to this day. Today, when 20 […]

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How N.C. was won

I knew that North Carolina would go for Sen. Barack Obama early Tuesday morning when I was sitting in my sister’s car about to leave the garage in the Charlotte suburb of Harrisburg, just next to the Lowes Motor Speedway, and a realtor drove up to the house across the street. My sister is a […]

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All things are possible

The best part of watching history Tuesday night was the excellent presentation of election coverage by TVOne.  While watching the returns in a party in suburban Charlotte, N.C., I mentioned to the gathering that there had never been wall-to-wall coverage of an election by a black television network. Because of the disgusting stereotypes of African-Americans […]

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Lift ev’ry voice and sing

No one who has viewed the 2008 election could deny the powerful presence of the Creator in the unpredictable paradoxes that have brought us to this historic moment. It was fitting that the Friends of the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel at Howard University presented a national prayer vigil for the nation on Sunday evening.     Led […]

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Spreading the wealth

Let’s consider some ways that the United States government has spread the wealth. Since the beginning of the Republic, Congress has generously granted “public land” for private purposes.    An example is the 155 million acres awarded for construction of the intercontinental railroads. The same year as the Emancipation Proclamation, Congress awarded 160 acres of public […]

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