Mills Act provision before S.F. supervisors could hasten gentrification

Many people who are concerned about the outmigration of African-Americans from the world’s number one attraction, San Francisco, are surprised to know that the high point of black population, 96,000 in 1970, occurred after the redevelopment of the Western Addition, which most people consider the cause for the exodus. As principal investigator of Invisible Pioneers, […]

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The 15 percent solution

African-Americans have not been able to share in the good news of the decline in unemployment as the latest figures show 15.6 percent are out of work. As has reported, an additional 1 million blacks have left the workforce, which means they are not counted in the official unemployment figures. The Obama job summit […]

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Why I really like flying through ATL

A book called This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes discusses what he calls “the law of good.” You might recall my recent positive remarks about the experience of traveling through Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Last night, I believe it came back to me. There was a four-hour weather delay on my originating flight out […]

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One pumpkin don’t stop no show

It’s sort of amazing how one never grows up. It hit me like a bolt of lightning when my mother asked me to bake a pumpkin crisp for Thanksgiving. Although at first glimpse, I’m a graying senior citizen, when it comes to my family, I’m still the youngest and the family kitchen was always pretty […]

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Why I like flying through ATL

As the co-founder of National Black Business Month, I’m always on the alert for innovative strategies and opportunities that highlight black-owned businesses or, in some case, just jobs for African-Americans. Despite a century of African-American involvement in aviation, flying while black can be a lonely experience.  Unless one flies through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. […]

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More on Cakewalk

  The fascinating opportunity that I explored in Cakewalk was a convergence of a number of historic, yet  little known or understood events. Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton was a registered voter and home owner in San Francisco on and off for the first two decades of the 20th century. He is almost completely identified with […]

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The night time is the right time

I knew when I watched the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain award to Bill Cosby that the classic scene in which the family lip-synched Ray Charles’ “The Night Time is the Right Time” would be indelibly stuck in my brain. It’s a lot better than some song off the radio or  fast food jingle. In any […]

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Let’s stimulate learning

With 10.2 percent unemployment nationally and even higher rates for African-Americans, particularly youth, we can not afford to allow our students to leave grade school unprepared to compete. During my presentation to the San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators, I described an infusion policy, based on research about effective instruction for learners of African […]

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Expanding the electorate

Perusing the plethora of pundits pontificating on the polls yesterday, I am prompted to place the reason for the results on the failure to learn the lessons of last November. Tuesday was not a referendum on President Obama because neither guvernatorial race had candidates who offered the tranformation that voters sought last year. The Democratic […]

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S.F. Black Heritage Tours begin today

The world’s number one attraction has a brand new magnet for tourists and residents –– S.F. Black Heritage Tours. Historian John William Templeton brings the same mastery of the city’s vast African-American heritage that he has provided for major conventions like the American Library Association, American Bar Association, National School Boards Association  and American Educational […]

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Black Heritage as Gap Closer

John William Templeton, author of Our Roots Run Deep: the Black Experience in California, Vols. 1-4 and founder of S.F. Black Heritage Tours, discusses Black Heritage as Gap Closer to the San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators Friday, Nov. 6 at 5 p.m. at the Willie L. Brown College Prep Academy, 2055 Silver Ave. […]

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Tragedy needs a landmark

The spirit of despair was etched on the face of the woman who scurried to open the door of the post office at Geary and Fillmore. It was a reminder of how that same despair had helped create the largest mass suicide in American history — starting from that very location. But there is no […]

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