We haven’t been mad enough

A couple of days ago I received a message that the Small Business Innovative Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs, targeted efforts to insure that start-up companies can compete for federal research and development contracts and benefit from discoveries created with federal grants, would expire on Sept. 30 unless Congress reauthorized them. It went […]

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Market timing and the mid-terms

I heard some of the sanest analysis of the state of the American economy on the Nightly Business Report last night. The commentator noted that several unique factors had combined to slow growth over the summer — the end of the tax credits for home purchases, the completion of Census work for 500,000 temporary employees […]

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Terry McMillan, Randall Robinson, California Cooper, Nikki Giovanni, Iyanla Vansant mark Marcus’ 50th anniversary

Marcus Books follows up the major booksignings with Ishmael, Tennessee and Timothy Reed and Isabel Wilkerson this month with a power-packed lineup of authors during October to mark its 50th anniversary as the oldest black bookstore in the nation. While in the 1712 Fillmore Street store this morning, I read a directory that co-founder Julian […]

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Is faith blind?

It is definitely a problem when ministers wind up in the same pages as entertainers. That’s the situation with the furor over Bishop Eddie Long, founder of an Atlanta megachurch. He had previously been targeted by a Congressional hearing, along with Dr. Creflo Dollar. And the question that always comes to mind in these situations […]

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Westside names Dr. Jones CEO

After an intensive search by the Executive Search Committee, the Board of Directors of Westside Community Services, Inc. has selected Dr. Mary Ann Jones as its next Chief Executive Officer, to officially start on September 27, 2010. As a clinical psychologist with experience providing decisive leadership in community mental health, Dr. Jones has earned a […]

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Panel supports role of black business

Panelists at forum urge support for local firms Written by DAPHNE TAYLOR Special to South Florida Times Business owners, elected officials and others heard a stirring call at a recent forum to support African-American owned businesses. “There is $17 billion in African-American income in South Florida, enough to generate 8,000 new jobs if two percent […]

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The Kipling election

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” wrote Rudyard Kipling. He could have been describing the 2010 election. Tuesday, the “politically-dead” President Obama once-again won a legislative victory with the passage of the small business lending measure. Like health care, and financial regulation, the […]

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Why didn’t we learn about this?

It was a moment of clarity on a crowded intersection in North Beach. “This is interesting. I would have come to school for this,” said one teen. “Yea, why didn’t we learn about this during Black History Month,” replied another. At the moment I had been concerned with making sure the group of ten made […]

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Producing produce every week

Of all the things I aspired and trained to become, running a produce business was not among them. Since last winter, that is essentially is what I undertook, distributing 180 tons of groceries, including fruits and vegetables, as coordinator of the Harvest Pantry at St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 25 Lake St., in San Francisco. It […]

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Senate testimony on equal opportunity employment in technology 1998

PREPARED STATEMENT OF JOHN WILLIAM TEMPLETON, CO-CONVENOR, COALITION FOR FAIR EMPLOYMENT IN SILICON VALLEY Chairman Abraham, Senator Kennedy and Subcommittee Members: I’d like to begin by posing a question. Could you count to one thousand? Do you believe that most Americans could count to eight hundred? If you lived in a subdivision that was one […]

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A day immersed in black business

I didn’t start Tuesday, Aug. 31 to see how many African-American businesses I could visit in one day. It just turned out that way. My first stop was F.E. Jordan Associates’ San Francisco office to give co-founder Fred Jordan a report on our South Florida State of Black Business Forum. Next, I had a lunch […]

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Poppas got a brand new bag

Opening remarks for South Florida State of Black Business Forum, Friday, Aug. 26, Boca Raton, FL How many of you are familiar with the James Brown song “Poppa’s Gotta Brand New Bag?” My son’s birthday was last weekend and I wanted to get him something special, particularly after he got a new job in banking. […]

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Good food makes all the difference

While creating a new portal devoted to black food, BlackRestaurant.NET, it has been my personal fate to be stricken with some malady which sapped my appetite and left me coughing uncontrollably for the past two weeks. After starting out with the most vigorous medicines, I gradually shifted to tried and true raw fruits and vegetables. […]

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