imageOmaha’s Black Business Expo is an example of how black businesses raise their own profiles in their communities. For more details, visit the National Black Business Month official web site or consult Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business tenth edition.
Nebraska black businesses grew 36.6 percent over five years to 2,857 in 2007, according to prelminary estimates from the Survey of Business Owners, up from 2,091 in 2002. Revenues were up 19.2 percent to $168 million in 2007 from $141 million in 2002.

Our latest study, Silicon Ceiling 13, reports:

Black workers in Nebraska had a 2.5 percent ratio for working in computer, engineering and

science fields, with 1.5 percent in computer occupations.

There were 84 black graduate science and engineering students in Nebraska which had 5,784

black college and graduate students in 2006.