The Bayou State grew the ranks of its black-owned firms 50 percent even despite the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. By 2007, there were 59,903 such companies in Louisiana, according to the Survey of Business Owners, a 48.9 percent rise from 40,243 in 2002. Receipts grew to $3 billion from $1.9 billion, a 54 percent increase.
Five years after Hurricane Katrina, the opportunity to encourage more black businesses has been missed in Louisiana, leading to its ranking among the states which are not welcoming to black entrepreneurship in Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business , tenth edition. For more details on the state, consult FIND IT FAST: Local Guide to Business Inclusion.

Our latest study, Silicon Ceiling 13, reports:

The state had 1,092 black graduate science students and 71 black engineering graduate students.

Louisiana had 79,971 black college and graduate students in 2006.