Black farmers saw Kansas as a haven from the racism of the South in the 19th century. For data on the current prospects of black business in Kansas, consult Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business tenth edition..
Kansas black businesses grew 26.4 percent to 5,647 by 2007, according to preliminary estimates from the Survey of Business Owners. Receipts rose 15.1 percent to $433 million.

Our most recent study, Silicon Ceiling 13, reports:

The state had the highest percentage of its black labor force in the computer, engineering and

science fields at 7.2 percent, 6.3 percent in computer occupations.

Kansas had 13,627 black college and graduate students in 2006. Of that number, only 146 were

black graduate science and 21 were graduate engineering students.

 Some of the black-owned and managed hotels in Kansas are, according to NABHOOD:

Howard Johnson Hotel 2218 Commerce Road Goodland Kansas 67735

Overland Park Marriott 10800 Metcalf Avenue Overland Park, Kansas 66210