Iowa reached 2,190 black-owned firms by 2007, according to preliminary estimates from the Survey of Business Owners. That was a 36.1 percent increase from 1,609 in 2002. Receipts actually declined to $245 million from $258 million.
Former Rep. Wayne Ford, founder of Urban Dreams in Des Moines, is the state host for National Black Business Month in August 2014. He spent 14-years in the Iowa legislature, which led to enhancements in the targeted small business program and other legislative changes to foster business inclusion.
Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business tenth edition chronicles black consumer and labor markets in Iowa as well as the trends for entrepreneurship.  For details on National Black Business Month, consult FIND IT FAST: Local Guide to Business Inclusion.

Our newest study, Silicon Ceiling 13, reports:

Just under four percent of Iowa’s black labor force was in computer, engineering and science

fields with 2.5 percent in computer occupations.

Iowa had 106 black graduate science and 24 black graduate engineering students. The number

of black college and graduate students in Iowa in 2006 was 6,998.