image The Knights Templar Building in Little Rock is an example of how the state sought to preserve an historic African-American business to create a cultural heritage attraction. 
Revenues grew faster than the number of black businesses in Arkansas from 2002 to 2007. There was a 73.6 percent increase in receipts to $767 million in 2007 from $442 million in 2002. The number of firms grew 48.3 percent to 13,259 in 2007 from 8,942 in 2002.
For more on the state of black business in Arkansas, visit the National Black Business Month site and participate in Black Food Month in March by visiting at least one establishment each day of March and August.  Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business tenth edition provides detailed statistics on black consumer markets and entrepreneurship in the state today.

Our new report Silicon Ceiling 13 reports: Under two percent of Arkansas’ black labor force is in computer, engineering and science

occupations, less than half a percent in computer fields.

There were 67 black graduate science students in Arkansas. The total number of black college and

graduate students in Arkansas in 2006 was 29,310.