Hamilton had nothing on Rev. Henry Highland Garnet

The most important speech in African-American history was not on the steps of the Capitol, but inside it

If you’ve never  heard the most important speech in African-American history. then your collection needs to have the voices of African-American orators and writers during the 19th century in Road to Ratification: How 27 States Tackled the Most Challenging Issue in American History by John William Templeton.
The historian presented LET YOUR MOTTO BE RESISTANCE: Rev. Henry Highland Garnet at the 175-year-old 15th Street Presbyterian Church to show how prophetic and contemporary this extraordinary patriot continues to be.  Garnet, who overcame slavery and the loss of a leg, set the tone for the ratification of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.  In the video, we see the hand-notated copy of Garnet’s speech by Sen. Charles Sumner, the architect of Radical Reconstruction.  The setting was President Abraham Lincoln’s last birthday, where Garnet was the first African-American to speak in the U.S. Capitol.
The saga of how Garnet got there is far more interesting than Hamilton, and a guidebook to today’s advocacy. For more details, call 415-240-3537.


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