ReLoading Black San Francisco April 2

The annual meeting of the San Francisco African-American Historical and Cultural Society on Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 2 p.m. at 762 Fulton St. on the second floor of the African-American Art & Culture Complex will host a panel–ReLoading Black San Francisco.

John William Templeton, author of Our10Plan, the African-American economic strategy, co-founder of National Black Business Month and publisher of the Journal of Black Innovation, discusses the goal of bringing 10,000 new African-American skilled entrepreneurs and professionals to the Bay Area in the next 12 months.

June Riley, CEO of  VC Taskforce, an organization founded in 2001 that works with many types of investors and entrepreneurs that produces on the average of 50 events a year and reaches more than 14,000.  She will discuss her new non-profit, Equal Horizons, designed to bring more diversity into the venture ecosystem.



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