More than three dozen hidden landmarks to see in downtown S.F.


I’ll discuss 38 landmarks and four streets recognizing African-Americans in downtown San Francisco during Come to the Water at 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Visitor Center Theater of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, 499 Jefferson St. (at Hyde between the Cable Car turnaround and the Hotel Argonaut across from the Hyde Street pier).

The fourth marker honoring Capt. William Alexander Leidesdorff (pictured) has become an instant sensation in the Financial District with First Lady Michelle Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown having visited in the first month of its completion.

However, there is a figure with even more markers to his name in downtown.

Next Saturdays Come to the Water begins at the same location at 11 a.m. with a focus on the birth of jazz on March 1.

On March 5, Black American Day, a California state education holiday marking the death of Crispus Attucks as the first American to die for the country, we will look at the Double V era at 3 p.m.

On March 6, the 50th anniversary of the successful conclusion of the Palace Hotel sit-ins, we’ll discuss the continuing impact of the United San Francisco Freedom Movement at 3 p.m..  Both events are also at the Visitor Center Theater.


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