Taking Queen Calafia off the wall to San Francisco’s front door


Northwestern University assistant professor of history Dr. Jasmine Johnson had an immediate brilliant thought when she saw the African-American Freedom Trail brochure.  She would take her niece Gina Raye Levexier to see all of the 49 locations highlighted.

KPOO-FM Board Chair Terry Collins was similarly animated.  “We’re going to let everybody know about this on the station, ”  he promised.

To promote the idea of taking children to witness history, we encourage going to the Visitor Information Center to pick up a copy;  then tweet your photos of the sites, including at least one photo at Marcus Books, 1712 Fillmore St. to blkbizmonth and californiablackhistory.com will send a Wizard of Califia certificate to the young person who takes that journey.


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