ReUNION, San Francisco Travel join community for African-American Freedom Trail


The most extensive mapping of African-American historic locations in any city will be available to visitors to San Francisco through a collaboration between ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage and San Francisco Travel.

The African-American Freedom Trail is being displayed as part of the exhibition Students and Scholars Marching for Civil Rights: the 50th anniversary of the United San Francisco Freedom Movement at the Fairmont Hotel at California and Mason Streets.

It is also part of the curriculum resources for the ReUNION series Our Roots Run Deep, which explores the depth of African-American heritage nationwide.

The collaboration was facilitated by San Francisco NAACP President Dr. Amos C. Brown Jr., senior pastor of Third Baptist Church. Along with leaders of the San Francisco African-American Chamber of Commerce, Economic Opportunities Council, A. Philip Randolph Institute and Baptist Ministers Conference, Dr. Brown met with leaders of San Francisco Travel to remind them of the commitment of the hospitality industry back in 1963 to be inclusive in employment, contracting and marketing.


2 thoughts on “ReUNION, San Francisco Travel join community for African-American Freedom Trail

  1. I would like a copy of the african american information for the 2013 reunion. I a member of local 250 and i would like a copy of the information regarding african american in san francisco. I’m having a family reunion this summer and it would be great to have the information in the booklet to the family

  2. we have a new edition of Come to the Water: Sharing the Rich Black Experience in San Francisco available for sale at We also feature Say Grace and Wipe Yo’ Hands: BlackRestaurant.NET Guide to America’s Black Restaurants.

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