Silicon Valley Solar rewriting the script

Silicon Valley has botched the solar revolution, letting millions of taxpayer dollars go down the drain with spectacular bankruptcies.

But atop the Town of Los Gatos police station is a new chapter, written on the East Coast, that may finally match the potential of using the sun’s energy directly with the reality.

Perhaps it is because Dr. Reginald Parker knows the code for green — 510 — the number that corresponds with that wavelength in the electro magnetic spectrum.   So he’s showing how to make money from solar power first before throwing millions away.

The founder of 510Nano, one of the 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology,  was in Los Gatos, where our good friend Jan Hutchins was mayor back in the day, to launch the first solar farm of Silicon Valley Solar.He is making the town money with a 20-year power participation deal where the power is sold to local utilities or used internally for a fraction of what the utilities would charge.

He broke bread with San Francisco real estate investors Roland Willis and Clarence Williams to look at prospects for creating jobs and wealth in the open spaces of the city’s Bayview/Hunters Point district.    510Nano is not just installing panels, but has patents for a quantum leap in performance as a manufacturing play.

Other solar farms are going up in Jamaica, North Carolina and on the African continent.






One thought on “Silicon Valley Solar rewriting the script

  1. Thank you John. We see the Bay area as strategic for 510nano’s growth and the growth of the potential of solar. 90% of solar is made from silicon based panels and so, it does have a natural place in silicon valley.

    I was excited to speak with Mr. Willis and Mr. Williams. Their years of expertise as business men and making an impact in your community helped us see just why Bawview/ Hunters Point district would be a strategic launch point.

    I will keep you up to date with our proposal and thanks to the Jobs Act will be able to announce when we will fund raise for the project. Again thank you, John for your continued support of 510nano and me.

    Reginald Parker aka Dr. Green Power.

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