Game pioneer says everyone should code

The Sisterhood author Nichol Bradford, the Olivia Pope of China as one of the highest ranking leaders in the gaming industry, is encouraging young people to follow in her footsteps as a supporter of’s campaign to have everyone try writing computer code for at least an hour this fall.   She encourages her fellow selectees of the 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology to join in the initiative.

ReUNION’s AlGRhythm program highlights 30 African-American software standouts during a six-week narrative called Get in the Game in November and December.  From legends like Roy Clay Sr., who began programming when Bill Gates was two months old, John Henry Thompson, developer of the programming language Lingo, and the late Ron Jones, who created the raster image processor for large-format graphics to today’s innovators like Dr. Juan Gilbert, star of the new webcast LabDaze, we’ll show how numbers are essential to careers.

As we told a group of Alameda County Juvenile Hall residents, if you don’t know math, you’re getting played.


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