African-American Public Radio Consortium airs New Inspiration for the Nation

ImageDuring the anniversary week of the March on Washington, George Kilpatrick’s New Inspiration for the Nation airs an interview with National Black Business Month co-founder John William Templeton on his new book Year of Jubilee: State of Black Business, 10th edition.

Templeton, chief economist for the West Palm Beach, FL fourth-stage hedge fund Ibis Partners, calls on the Federal Reserve to commit $3 billion per month from its quantitative easing to create a secondary market for loans to African-American businesses.   SBA loans to black firms have shrunk to $230 million per year compared to almost $3 billion to Asian firms and $800 million to Latino companies in 2011 despite almost $7 trillion in public assistance to financial institutions since 2008.

Year of Jubilee estimates that the real demand for credit among black businesses approaches $30 billion per year, a level which would pump an additional million jobs into the economy, while not even a decimal point on the $1 trillion yearly in quantitative easing.

Kilpatrick’s show is heard on stations of the African-American Public Radio Consortium nationwide.    Some air dates include:

KALA       88.5    Davenport IA    Fridays    8 PM
KCEP      88.1    Las Vegas NV    Wednesdays     9:30 PM (1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesdays)
KPVU      91.3    Prairie View TX    (Day & Time TBA)  Begins 1st Week in September
WMUK    102.1    Kalamazoo MI    Tuesdays    9:20 AM
WUVS    103.7    Muskegon MI       Fridays       10 AM
WVAS    90.7      Montgomery AL    Tuesdays    7:30 PM
WVGN    107.7    St. Thomas USVI    Saturdays    1:30 PM
WVSD    91.7       Itta Bena MS        Wednesdays 12:00 PM

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