“Things have reached a boiling point”

“San Francisco’s Negroes — they comprise about 12 percent of the population–are planning to do something drastic unless they are given more opportunities in employment and representation on the several civic commissions and other entities.

This opinion was expressed yesterday by Wilfred T. Ussery, chairman of the San Francisco chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality. (CORE).

“Things have reached a boiling point,” he declared.  “The Negro community is not going to permit this much longer.”

Ussery, a design draftsman of 2338 Pine St. , refused to elaborate.  He told newsmen only that “something significant” was brewing, and added, “but I  have no intention of talking about it today.”


That 1962 newspaper statement was one of the first indications of the scope and ambitions of the United San Francisco Freedom Movement, subject of Students and Scholars Marching for Civil Rights: the 50th anniversary of the United San Francisco Freedom Movement.
Ussery is planning to talk about it on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 1 p.m. when he and other participants attend the public opening of the exhibition at the 50on8 Lounge in the Holiday Inn-Civic Center, 50 8th St. in San Francisco.


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