Well, we’re movin’ on up

The 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology are among the fascinating stories one can find only at BlackMoney Worldwide
When I launched Griot, the African-American, African and Caribbean business daily in 1995, it was the culmination of more than 20 years of study and work about the need for effective news coverage of economics, science and technology for Africans in Diaspora.
My thesis at UNC-Chapel Hill had explored the role of news for black readers, and while I was editor of the Richmond AFRO-AMERICAN, I had almost completed a leveraged buyout to turn it into a daily newspaper.
Griot merged my experiences as an editor for Business First-Columbus, the Richmond Business Journal and the San Jose Business Journal for American City Business Journal with that need.
Simply, daily news organs are a prerequisite for viable economic activity. They set the agenda for public policy and business leaders and provide a way to market products.
While general market dailies have struggled, trade publications are flourishing, including online.
We started eAccess Corp. in 1988 to create real-time news products. Ten years later, with the help of designer Bryan Bolden, we created BlackMoney Worldwide to project the content of Griot into cyberspace. Many considered it the top black website at the time.
We’ve added the 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology, National Black Business Month and blackrestaurant.net to the portfolio since then.
This week, we’re unveiling our first redesign in a dozen years with an incredible storehouse of information to meet the needs of the 2 million African-American entrepreneurs and the even larger number who would like to go into business for themselves.
When we first launched Griot, amazingly there were those who told us it provided too much information. We were the first to regularly publish stock listings from African stock markets for example
However, the lesson of the past decade for African-Americans facing foreclosures, high credit card bills and skyrocketing health care and education costs, is that ignorance is not something you want to attach to your money.
It also allows us to unify the array of information products we provide through books, documentaries, exhibitions and online through one portal.
Check us out at http://www.blackmoney.com and order the mobile application to get ready for National Black Business Month. You’ll also receive FIND IT FAST: Local Guide to Business Inclusion and a National Black Business Month 2011 polo shirt.