GPSBlack and Izania travel with you

If Black Friday is more than a figure of speech for you, Izania and GPSBlack have a hookup for you.
Roger Madison of Izania and Thad Bennett of GPSBlack have teamed to create a mobile black business directory which gives the 2 million African-American enterprises a free gateway to your smartphone.
As we have pointed out during National Black Business Month, just two percent of African-American consumer income can generate hundreds of thousands of jobs.
However, it can be hard to find African-American owned businesses, particularly if you want to observe Small Business Saturday as well.
One of the consequences of the 80 percent decline in Small Business Administration lending to black businesses is a shortage of working capital for such purposes as marketing.
However, the GPSBlack portal gives businesses a free way to connect with all the global smartphone users.
If you or your organization have upcoming events, GPSBlack also allows you to input that information.
There are also applications to share GPSBlack data through your own blog or website.
Many lament the shrinkage of traditional black business districts as a gathering place. In a new age, we can create new connections online and get directions as well. Visit the Izania-GPSBlack partnership.