Step up to the plate

As the ringing bells of the cable cars outside my window heralded the Giants World Series victory– contemplative sort that I am– I wondered what does it mean.
Couldn’t help but tip my hat to the master scriptwriter for having an athletic event that was a perfect metaphor for the political tumult raging at every commercial break.
I remember coming back from Florida at the end of August to go watch a team that was mired in second place with no discernable offense. But in a championship starved area, folks felt like being close was a big deal.
Since then, they proved every pundit and prognosticator wrong.
Just as the writer of 2 Timothy notes, all one can do is “run the race, fight the good fight and keep the faith.”
At a time when gloom is being force fed to America, perhaps the Giants improbable run will have the same effect as Secretariat did at a similar time of stress.
So ignore the naysayers and just go up to bat and take your best swing. There’s an Edgar Renteria inside all of us.