The Kipling election

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” wrote Rudyard Kipling.
He could have been describing the 2010 election.
Tuesday, the “politically-dead” President Obama once-again won a legislative victory with the passage of the small business lending measure.
Like health care, and financial regulation, the bill was supposed to be inextricably locked in the Senate.
The President has been attacked for being patient and focused on his agenda. Everything proposed has been something Obama campaigned on. Beyond the notice of commentators, he is bringing back the notion of political accountability.
To remain Kiplingesque, Obama and his supporters should avoid the temptation to out-negative their detractors. There is so much transformational legislation now in effect, that their best option for the November mid-terms is to return to the 2008 strategy.
Don’t put the President out as a spokesman, but let average Americans discuss how they’ve fared as a result of the initiatives.
That was the fuel behind the campaign of 2008, the fact that every day folks thought they were speaking through the Obama campaign.
Since then, the White House has been filled with Ivy Leaguers and the sense of the common man has been lost. If the President keeps his head and remembers how he got to the White House, he may be able to keep his winning string going.