FIND YOUR FEAST: BlackRestaurant.Net

With a culinary journey along San Francisco’s Third Street, BlackRestaurant.Net launched Monday, Aug. 16, 2010 as part of the Founders Symposium of National Black Business Month.
Five years in the making, the combination web, magazine and mobile application begins with 1,000 African-American food venues across the nation in order to demonstrate effective ways of stimulating jobs and economic growth in overlooked communities.
“African-Americans are seven percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product and spend $150 billion on food,” according to NBBM Co-Founder John William Templeton. “Far too few of the 1.4 million blacks working in food service own their own establishments. We highlight Bayview because it represents how dedicated families have preserved culture and neighborhoods by providing culinary genius.”
Until now, there has not been one place to answer the question which besets African-Americans and many foreign travelers — Where are the black restaurants? After answering the question in San Francisco during the second annual National Black Business Month in 2005, Templeton set to work creating a nationwide tool.
The web site is a free product, however, members of BlackRestaurant.Net also receive a weekly newsletter which provides a comprehensive detailed list of eateries in a given city. The first edition describes the restaurant legacy and future of San Francisco’s establishments. Next Monday, BlackRestaurant takes a fifth anniversary of Katrina look at New Orleans’ black restaurants.
Members, called Gourmands, also receive a mobile application which can turn a smart phone into a soul food divining rod.