Digital Salvation reading list

Heidi Campbell of Texas A&M suggested the following reading list on spirituality and online/social media:
On Ministry Applications for New Media:

Alban Institute Report (by Andrea Unseem), (2008) The New Connectivity: How Internet Innovations Are Changing the Way We Do Church:
Andrew Careaga. (2001). EMinistry. Connecting with the net generation.. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publishing.
Gene Veith and Chris Stamper. (2000). Christians in World: Getting Connected without Being Consumed. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books
Walter Wilson. (2000). The Internet Church. Nashville: Word Publishing.
On theololgy and and the Internet:
Quentin Schultze. (2002). Habits of the High-Tech Heart. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.
Ann Zukowski and Pierre Babin. (2002). The Gospel in Cyberspace: Nurturing Faith in the Internet Age, Chicago, IL: Loyola Press.
Dwight Friessen (2009). Thy Kingdom Connected. What the Church Can Learn from Facebook, the Internet, and Other Networks. Baker Books.
On Religious Based Approaches/Policies towards the Internet:
Archbishop’s Council,
(1999). Cybernaughts Awake. London: Church House Publishing.
Pontifical Council For Social Communications, Ethics in Internet. at the Vatican web site, 22 Feb 2002 (accessed 12 Sept 2005) URL:
Pontifical Council For Social Communications, Church and the Internet. at the Vatican web site, 22 Feb 2002 (accessed 12 Sept 2005) URL:
I would also recommend my book Exploring Religious Community Online: We Are one in the Network (Peter Lang 2005) which offers reflection on what lessons online Christian communities have to teach Offline churches about life in a networked society.