It will only get worse

While some states have witnessed a frenzy of electoral activity this year, I, like most California voters, have been quite underwhelmed by the fact that there is an election today. I’ve yet to hear anyone suggest what they might do to solve the state’s problems–which are California scale.
That might be a better use for the massive sums being spent by people with unlimited budgets.
One gets the sense that we could replay tapes of the last several statewide elections and not miss a beat.
I’m less concerned about who is liberal or conservative, than who is an effective team builder.
Behind the blizzard of name calling is the reality that the solutions are at hand within the 3.5 million California small businesses, the engine of growth. But until just weeks ago, there was no coordinated economic development office.
A state that has three of the 10 NASA space flight centers, the largest recipients of federal research dollars, more national laboratories than any four states and huge export markets has the capacity to meet its obligations and return to the growth which made it such a magnet.
Instead we drift from crisis to crisis without anyone appealing to the common good. The bad news is that these purported leaders have warchests to give us more of the same until November. Even if you eschew watching television, there are the dreaded robo-calls.
God help us!