The bias against intelligence

The mounting evidence that the Republican party has eshewed the role of “loyal opposition” to become the latest edition of “massive resistance” is causing many to wonder when President Obama will call out his critics’ intolerance as motivated by race.
I’m coming to the belief that is not the case.
The President is running up against the cultural bias against intelligence and intellect. There’s a reason why seven presidents failed to get health care passed.
The last Chief Executive with Obama’s scholarly credentials was Woodrow Wilson. We’ve been picking leaders during 20th century because how they embodied the national psyche.
There was a veer away from the president as frontiersman ethos after eight years of disastrous Bush administration policies.
Now that the most pressing crises have been averted, the presumption against logic has come back with a vengeance.
After the best week of his Presidency, including two health care bills, a nuclear arms treaty and a secret trip of Afghanistan, the consensus is that Obama has shown his “toughness.” Rolling up his sleeves became his signature again.
Given that twisted logic, there isn’t much to gain from Obama taking the fight to his diehard enemies.
He has the opportunity to make being smart cool and comforting. It’s just going to take a whlle for it to sink in.
When the president of France enjoys half-smokes at Ben’s Chili Bowl, you know something’s happening.