History through mystery

History Through Mystery
John William Templeton

While completing nominations for the National Register of Historic Sites for century-old buildings which housed the earliest jazz clubs in history, author John William Templeton stumbled across several facts which raised eyebrows. A fan of books like Ragtime and the Chaneysville Incident, the historian seized on the opportunity to tell the saga of black entertainment impresarios between the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the forced expulsion from the Barbary Coast in 1921 through an historical novel, structured on the actual timeline of the period. He unveils the book in a reading during the 50th anniversary of Marcus Books, 1712 Fillmore St. on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 2 p.m.
He wrote the 284-page book in 22 days as a competitor in National Novel Writing Month during November 2009.
Templeton is curator of JazzGenesis: San Francisco and the Birth of Jazz, an exhibition in the Visitor Information Center of the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau, and editor of Our Roots Run Deep: the Black Experience in California, Vols. 1-4, which is held in the San Francisco History Center of the San Francisco Main Library. He contributed “African-Americans in the West” to the Oxford Encyclopedia of African-American History, Volume 1 The Age of Frederick Douglass: From the colonial era to 1890 which can be found in the African-American Center of the San Francisco Main Library.


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