The legend of Singing Sam

I’ve been eating my way through Bayview for the past couple of days and it’s is one of the very undiscovered treasures of San Francisco. But I’m not greedy.
You can live Black History Month with the sounds, sensations and tastes of an authentic black community during Evening Excursion of San Francisco Black Heritage Tours Friday night, Feb. 5, at 5 p.m.
For 52 years, Sam Jordan’s House of Ribs has been a monument to the “mayor of Butchertown.” Although the slaughterhouses are gone, the legendary bar is still the touchstone of “Barbecue Boulevard.” Its founder, Sam Jordan, ran for mayor of San Francisco in 1963 and was a light heavyweight boxing champion whose regular guests included Sammy Davis Jr. and other celebrities. Jordan would sing the National Anthem before his fights and then sing again after his victory
Friday also marks the birth of a new establishment, Frisco Fried, which demonstrates that the desire for entrepreneurship dating back to the formation of the Bayview Merchants Association in 1960 by Sam Jordan is still quite alive.
And you won’t want to miss Queen’s Louisiana PoBoy Cafe.
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