Bayview asked to design own school plan

After 30 years of closing schools, “reconstitution” and neglect, San Francisco Unified Schools is apparently taking a new approach — asking the teachers and principals at the schools in the Bayview to craft a strategy to improve student outcomes. The effort was launched tonight at Thurgood Marshall High and the next ingredient is to get feedback from the community and nearby employers.
One good question that continually came up from the audience–what resources will be allocated to the initiative, particularly with funding cuts for Dream Schools. There is a request for identifying how stimulus funds have been allocated by the district. By law and regulation, schools facing program improvement with high levels of far below basic students should be prioritized. But until we see the numbers, we won’t know if that has been the case so far.
And the point was made that there have been previous initiatives which have worked, particularly the college focus of former Thurgood Marshall principal Dr. Sam Butscher.
It was certainly good to see the community’s schools tasked with drawing on their own resources instead of constantly looking for someone to come in from inside.


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