Why I really like flying through ATL

A book called This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes discusses what he calls “the law of good.”
You might recall my recent positive remarks about the experience of traveling through Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
Last night, I believe it came back to me. There was a four-hour weather delay on my originating flight out of Charlotte. When we left the gate, they told me my connecting flight would leave one minute before our scheduled arrival.
Then there was a 40 minute delay on the runway. At that point, I knew I would miss my scheduled appointment with my optometrist if I had to wait until the next departure from Atlanta.
When we arrived in Atlanta just after 11 p.m., the gate agent said your flight to San Francisco is still here, and it was at the very next gate, allowing myself and another passenger to skip in just as the door closed.
You go, ATL!


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