One pumpkin don’t stop no show

It’s sort of amazing how one never grows up.

It hit me like a bolt of lightning when my mother asked me to bake a pumpkin crisp for Thanksgiving.

Although at first glimpse, I’m a graying senior citizen, when it comes to my family, I’m still the youngest and the family kitchen was always pretty crowded.

I couldn’t remember her ever asking me to cook anything.  So this dish took on epic proportions, starting with the fact that I’d never heard of it.

My sister Juanita provided a pumpkin;  my niece Jada suggested looking up the recipe on the internet, my sister Marie offered use of her kitchen (with trepidation) and I got to carving.

Following the recipe didn’t completely work out, so I improvised and think I’ve made a presentable showing, with a little technical assistance from master baker John Akins.


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