Why I like flying through ATL

As the co-founder of National Black Business Month, I’m always on the alert for innovative strategies and opportunities that highlight black-owned businesses or, in some case, just jobs for African-Americans.

Despite a century of African-American involvement in aviation, flying while black can be a lonely experience.  Unless one flies through Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

My two-hour layover on a red eye flight gave the opportunity to buy a newspaper from the Atlanta Daily World’s news stand, and to pick up some breakfast from Pascal’s.

While sitting at my gate, I was startled to hear what sounded like Lakeside blasting off the monitor.  Sure enough, I looked up and the iconic funk group had performed a commercial touting the airline’s shops and restaurants.

Although we now have an African-American president, it is always nice to see African-American flight attendants.  Sure enough, my connecting flight on Airtrans to Charlotte had an all-black in-flight crew, something I’d never experienced before.

In a tight economy, it’s the kind of thing each of us should take notice of when we decide where to spend our dollars and how we travel.


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