Expanding the electorate

Perusing the plethora of pundits pontificating on the polls yesterday, I am prompted to place the reason for the results on the failure to learn the lessons of last November.

Tuesday was not a referendum on President Obama because neither guvernatorial race had candidates who offered the tranformation that voters sought last year.

The Democratic party must learn that it’s brand value was not particularly enhanced last year, so much as the quality of its candidates across the board improved.  Bad candidates will yield bad results.

For next year’s races, it should return to the playbook of the Obama campaign and select candidates who seek to rise above the partisan divides which have paralyzed the country’s agenda.

In its governance, the White House and Congressional Democrats must rise above mere vote counting and remind the public of the goals at stake — accessible health care, energy independence and a livable climate–as well as how to create more jobs in the process.

The low turnout races of yesterday left out the new voters who were inspired in 2008.  The politics of the last year has left those new voters out as well. If the focus on bipartisanship was necessary, then the next year must be geared to making the case that the election mattered for those who cared enough to seek change.


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