Dr. Feel Good in new digs

One of my favorite people is Dr. Murray Callier, one of premiere chiropractors on the planet.  He’s known as Dr. Feel Good.  His patient list has ranged from Sammy Davis Jr. to Hit Man Hearns, but he’s liable to just walk up to you on the street and give you an adjustment.

That’s how we met.

I was out at Ft.  Mason, a national park on the San Francisco shore, opening an exhibition on Queen Calafia about five years.   I’d been in such pain that I couldn’t sit, walk or type — the three activities I do most in any given day.   While I was standing by the door of the gallery, a casually dressed older gentleman ambled in and asked if I’d ever been adjusted by a chiropractor.

In fact, I had been undergoing unsuccessful treatment, hooked up to all sorts of gizmos that only confirmed what I already knew–that something was wrong–but not what to do about it.

I replied that I had, but wasn’t seeing results.   Something about him exuded credibility and confidence, so I didn’t resist when he reached over and made a few simple adjustments.  I felt better immediately and made an appointment.

In his office, then near the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate bridge, I got a sense of the history he’d been a part of since graduating from Alabama State University as a scholarship baseball player from Detroit.  A couple of visits and my problem went away.   He didn’t rely on technology, but on the sensitivity of his ability to read the body with a single finger touch.

I’ve referred him to a number of people, who’ve had the same experience, as if they’ve been touched by the Creator, most recently a visiting guest from Los Angeles who cried out in deliverance from a long-suffering back pain.

Dr. Callier has new quarters now, at 319 Miller in Mill Valley, on the Marin side of the Golden Gate bridge.  Contact him at 415-474-8668 to learn how he can help you get in touch with your body and your soul.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Feel Good in new digs

  1. The Doc is also one of my favorite people. He’s been keeping me out of pain and walking since 1983. If it was not for the Doc life would be miserable, I’ve seen many Chiropractors, he’s the best.

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