Faith without works is dead

After discussing National Black Business Month and the ability of African-American consumers to stimulate black business with their spending at the Jacksonville Public Library, my old college room mate Noble Lee Lester took me out to Kingdom Plaza.

It renews one’s faith.

A 3,000 member congregation The Potters House acquired the Normandy Mall and spawned a host of businesses.   We ate in the Bistro cafeteria, visited the adjacent Rite Life Health Food, spoke to the proprietor of the Jewelry Mine and a huge exercise facility, next to a day care.

It was the vision we discussed writ large — clusters of businesses with all the factors of success feeding off each other.

The time to act is now.   Four million African-Americans are out of work, perhaps one in four of all those in the labor force this time last year.

Every black orgaization should seek opportunities to leverage its membership to promote the growth of medium-sized to large black businesses over the next year.

Kingdom Plaza shows what can be done.


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