Food is an investment in health

While preparing for a cholesterol screening blood test, I opted to go on an elimination diet leading up to the requested 12 hour fast.  With my romantic partner also taking a test that required a fast, she joined me in just eating raw vegetables and fruits and then juices.

A cover story in Time magazine addresses the serious health consequences of most of the foods African-Americans eat.  I also spoke about it with a diabetes specialist and pharmacology professor from UC-San Francisco during our Founders Reception Wednesday.

Fortunately, we had Simply Wholesome, an African-American health food restaurant at Slauson and Overhill, to visit.    I’ve often visited the eatery while in Los Angeles, but just as often wondered why there are not more establishments like it around the country.

If blackened tofu doesn’t sound good to you, my rejoinder would be, ‘Do you really know what’s in most of the food you eat, including staples like hamburgers or processed fish and chicken products?

Simply put, our own diets do about as much damage to us as racism.

We not be able to do much about the latter, but what we put in our mouths is still largely up to us.

With prevention likely to be a prominent feature of the transformation of health care, there are likely to be negative reinforcements for those who knowingly endanger their health with a lack of fresh food.

One of the real business opportunities is to replace high-priced liquor stores and the culinary crack they sell with establishments which provide health-conscious meals.

It may be a pioneering effort, but things can not continue the way they’re going for black personal health.

It’s time to treat one’s body like a temple.


3 thoughts on “Food is an investment in health

  1. Culinary Crack! I like it! And yes, I think what we put in our bodies can have as big an impact as racism. Good point.

  2. Racism is not the real issue for African-Americans anymore. The Bible says people are destroyed for “a lack of knowledge”. People need to take the initiative to learn the difference between “live” food and “dead” food. This country will not have to worry about race in the future because people are literally eating themselves to death and making others rich in the process. Thank you for sounding the Alarm.

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