Avoid ASU and Notre Dame

I think there is a good solution to the less-than-stellar way that both Arizona State University and Notre Dame University have treated their commencement speaker, President Barack Obama.

Although both institutions have distinguished themselves academically, most people are aware of them because of their athletic teams.    There have been many outstanding African-American competitors among those ranks, including the likes of Alan Page, the former defensive lineman and now Supreme Court jurist in Minnesota who played at Notre Dame.

If the powers that influence the Catholic church are so adamant that President Obama not appear at the university or that becoming the first African-American president is not historic enough, it seems a reasonable conclusion to the parents and future athletes who are making college choices that they should attend other universities.

To his credit, as he demonstrated in his speech at ASU where he turned the controversy about body of work into his message, the President is pointedly going to places where he might face criticism to help get past some of the intractable battles of the past three decades.

However, there should be consequences for disrespect and intolerance.  Let’s see how far a Catholic bishop can run the ball?


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