Two victories for decency

It’s hard to for buffoonery to compete with cool competence and confidence.

That’s the lesson to be drawn from the double delight of the cancellation of D.L. Hughley breaks the news on CNN and David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News on Comedy Central.

Hughley managed to get off on a bad foot with a number of stereotypical blunders like the pimp who portrayed himself as mortgage lender “Freddie Mac” and an attack on Kwanzaa that made the New York Post look like a bastion of Afrocentricity.

But the real villians were the misguided executives at CNN who decided to break their previous mold of serious journalism and make their first program geared to African-Americans a “comedy.”   What were they thinking? does not begin to serve as a question sufficient to scrutinize their bizarre decision.

The heroes are all of you in the blogosphere who responded to our call to rid the airwaves of these monstrosities.  When Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are spewing racist filth daily, we don’t need to add ammunition to the fire.

Are African-Americans oversensitive over the portrayal of the first African-American president and other high-ranking officials?  Absolutely and necessarilly.

Minstrelsy was a key element of the backlash from Reconstruction and the birth of Jim Crow.    That’s why black civil rights leaders of the post-Civil War era went to the extent of creating a new music form — jazz–to replace the appeal of  “blackface.”

We need to go further in enforcing some self-discipline on our entertainers.  The glorification of guns and drugs and abuse against women should go out the window as well.   We could also do without these court shows.  We need black judges sitting on the real benches instead of in televised farces.  We have a new set of role models.

Let’s rise to the demands of this era, just as the freedmen established hundreds of thousands of schools to prepare themselves.

The 13.4 percent black unemployment rate, see, is nothing to laugh about.   We need calm, sober reflection and solutions to rise to the forefront, not skinnin’ and grinnin’.

I ain’t mad at them, though.

I voted for David Alan Grier’s waltz on Dancing with the Stars.


2 thoughts on “Two victories for decency

  1. You really take life too serious. You really need to lighten up. Although Hughley is a commedian, he brought quite a few serious items to the forefront. There’s no law against laughter. It is a fact that it is healthy to laugh. You can’t correct over 400 years of degredation by taking everything too serious. We can’t correct all that in 2009. It will take much, much longer — It’s bigger than the both of us. Get over it!

  2. good comedians understand timing. these two thought they could make a fast buck doing the same old thing after a dramatic shift in paradigm. President Obama is not only serious, but pretty funny when he wants to be, which means you don’t have to degrade yourself for a laugh.

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