Change that makes you go hmmm

Allen Iverson got a haircut.

It’s one of the profound political statements that came from what is usually one of the most entertaining events of the year — the NBA All-Star Game.

Lisa Leslie  made the most incisive analysis of the year so far.

She said African-Americans always felt like second cousins until Jan. 20, now they’re full citizens.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant showed why the new administration perhaps does represent “change we can believe in.”

They demonstrated post-partisanship in such a compelling way that the fans named both Co-MVPs.

Iverson, who has taken gangsta style into middle age, said his children told him to clean up his act because there was a black president.

Together  they indicate that the key to the success of the new administration will be the way that it changes the way Americans look at each other.

I’d been apprehensive that African-Americans would get past the Messiah syndrome and actually understand what Leslie spelled out.  As supercharged and overachieving as most black families are to simply survive, the level of competition has been raised even higher.

The good thing is that we have been held back from using our full talents for so long that we’ve got immense reserves to draw from.  When the likes of Bill Russell are commenting on leadership styles instead of just the incessant drumbeat of Hannity and Limbaugh, the concept of teamwork will begin to spread.

Only learning to work together will allow us to compete in the new reality.   Superman, aka Dwight Howard, sacrificed his glory to let Nate Robinson go higher on his back.

The day of me first is fading fast.


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