Long overdue

The entire audience of the Palo Alto City Council meeting stood spontaneously in three standing ovations to register their appreciation of three Freedom Riders of the Cutting Edge, Roy Clay Sr. and Dr. Frank Greene, who attended, and the late Ron L. Jones.  His former lawyer, Ron Katz of Manatt, shared memories of Jones during the reception which preceeded the council meeting.
It was the culmination of a great opening for the Soul of Technology exhibition in the lobby of City Hall at 250 Hamilton Ave.
Mayor Peter Drekmeier and council members read proclamations honoring Clay, Greene and Jones and the ninth annual 50 Most Important African-Americans in Technology.
More exciting highlights to follow as the exhibition spends the month of February in Palo Alto.

To confirm our sentiment that the visibility of African-American technology talent should be raised, we met Olu Bamisaiye, who is an algorithms development engineer focusing on evolutionary digital signal and H.264/AVC Processing (EDSP/H.264/SVC).  He holds a masters of science in electrical engineering from the University of Bridgeport, like Dr. Greene earned from Purdue, and a bachelors in electrical engineering from Prairie View A&M University of Texas.   He came to the events because he’s out of work. 

He’s the kind of person who could create innovations to put thousands of people to work.    The track record of the Freedom Riders of the Cutting Edge like Clay, Greene and Jones is that utilizing African-American technology entrepreneurs is a time-tested way to stimulate the economy.


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