If the Obamamobile looks hip…

There’s a reason that the new Presidential limousine appears more stylish, shall we say “tricked out” in an armored, ceremonial kind of way.

The vice president of design for General Motors is an engineering graduate of the Capstone, Howard University: Edward Welburn.

Welburn is the first African American to lead a major automotive design house and only the sixth person to lead GM Design in its 80-year history.

But there’s more diversity in its design ranks, as the automaker noted at the 2007 New York Auto Show.  Leading tours were

  • Jelani Aliyu –  lead exterior designer (Chevrolet Volt Concept)
  • Maximiliano Larroquette – lead engineer (Chevrolet Volt Concept)
  • Erwin Angala – exterior designer (2008 Cadillac CTS)
  • Crystal Windham – interior design manager (2008 Chevrolet Malibu)
  • Chris Webb – trends and exterior color designer

Aliyu used what others take for granted on a daily basis to design the Chevy Volt. “I took inspiration from nature, applying its core fundamentals of simplicity, efficiency and harmony to the car’s design, creating a perfect balance of beauty and practicality,” he said.


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