Leading by example

When the President-elect joined the Mayor of Washington, D.C. at Ben’s Chili Bowl Saturday, he gave an indication of how he plans to lead by example.

As we’ve suggested for the throngs heading to the inauguration, they should take the opportunity to undergird the black business sector in Washington, D.C.  Not is Ben’s a culinary landmark, but it is right across the street from the Black Civil War Memorial at 12th and U Sts., N.W.

As blackmoney.com points out, one in six of Obama and Fenty’s fellow black men will be unemployed on inauguration day. The best way to put them back to work is to foster the growth and creation of more black-owned businesses, particularly in cultural heritage communities.

It won’t take billion dollar bailouts, although it would be good for the new leader of the free world to hint to bankers who have received federal funds that increased lending to minority businesses woulid be a good idea for the country and their bottom lines.

Just like we expect more men to take the children to school and the zoo, we can anticipate that more will visit black restaurants both in D.C. and other locations nationally.

A subtle change in behavior can pay huge dividends.


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