Fool Hughley disrespects Kwanzaa now

The shuffling Sambo of the new millennium, D.L. Hughley, who has turned Spike Lee’s masterful movie Bamboozled into a prophecy, has now turned his idiocy on CNN to Kwanzaa.
Not only is he is stupid fool, but he can’t count. There is a promo on the once-proud network in which he infers that not many people know about Kwanzaa, a seven-day festival of first fruits observed by more than 20 million persons globally.
It doesn’t surprise us that the self-described “GED” holder wouldn’t know that, but we continue to be baffled that this show stays on the air.
Kwanzaa is a perfect counterbalance to the mindless materialism that has affected the holiday season. It embraces the cultural heritage of the African diaspora in a respectful and creative fashion.
This Kwanzaa season is likely to have even more meaning as millions reflect on the tremendous accomplishments of Time magazine’s Man of the Year, President-elect Barack Obama.
The racist white producers and writers of the show could only have had their heads in the sand while watching the 2008 campaign to conclude that they could deliberately disrespect the black community with such a derogatory program.
Even Tavis Smiley, about as serious a journalist and commentator as one would find, was practically hounded from Tom Joyner’s radio show when he was perceived as bucking the tide of history.
CNN risks losing its good name by taking this ill-considered gamble into minstrelsy, instead of news.


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