Where would NASCAR be without the Big 3?

I watched the election night results about a half mile from the Lowes Motor Speedway outside Charlotte, N.C.   During the campaign, the “NASCAR” voter was apparently supporting Republican candidates.

The speedway like most tracks around the country is covered with logos for the major automakers.  Although the once verboten imports are prominently displayed, the sports’ loyalties and rivalries have been built around such names as Ford and Chevrolet.

It’s kind of ironic that the region which gave rise to the sport is so willing to toss the domestic automakers away like an oil rag.    The vacant hulls of textile and furniture mills across the South should give pause to those who think it’s just Detroit’s problem.

One also wonders the extent to which the horsepower mania of the racing sport impeded the looming imperative to scale down and redesign America’s cars.   There is even a truck racing circuit.

Other sports might also feel the pinch, such as college basketball.

Fans might begin to pay as much attention to the Treasury Dept. standings of how has gotten the most money from the federal government as they do to the NASCAR points standings.

When has AIG ever sponsored a stock car?


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