Remember Crispus Attucks

As we celebrate Veterans Day, it is fitting to recognize the first American to die for this country.

Crispus Attucks was slain by British soldiers in the Boston Massacre in 1770, the first of millions of  African-Americans to fight for a country that has continued to circumscribe their rights to this day.

Today, when 20 percent of the ground combat troops on duty in the nation’s ongoing wars are African-American, they can look forward to serving under an African-American commander in chief for the first time.

President-elect Obama, even after the service of Secretaries of State and national security advisors Gen. Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleeza Rice,  will be surrounded by voices seeking to marginalize other African-Americans from national security positions of responsibility.

As the exhibit and book in the Museum of Washington, D.C. notes, African-Americans helped build the Capitol and the White House and no one should doubt at this point, our willingness and capability to defend them and the Constitution.


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