Another vote on Nov. 6-for black-owned media

With all the excitement about the choices on Tuesday, Nov. 4, with overwhelming turnout of black voters already in early voting, there is less awareness about another set of choices Nov. 6.

When Sen. Obama chose networks for his 30-minute buy, he included RadioOne in the package, an important vote of confidence in one of the few black-owned companies which are publicly traded.  Last week, due to analysts ratings, the healthy company was threatened with losing its listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange.  Potentially, the company could be forced to spin off its holdings, similar to the fate of Granite Broadcasting, which lost its listing last year.

On Friday, its financial executives will make a conference call to analysts to describe the way that the company, which started with one radio station in Washington and now includes 54 radio stations, the TVOne cable network, Black Planet and other targeted online sites, Tom Joyner’s Reach Media, is faring.

It is also planning to build a new corporate headquarters next to the historic Howard Theatre, the first theatre built specifically for African-Americans in 1910.  That would revitalize the neighborhood for the first time since the theatre closed in 1970.   This is a company that has walked the walk for black people.

When black viewers channel their extraordinary interest in the 2008 election towards channels which do not represent them, it reduces our ability to set the agenda for how we are covered.    Take the opportunity over the weekend to use TVOne and RadioOne as news sources.

And give the analysts who cover the company your views on why it is a growth opportunity.   At less than a dime a share, it is a great buy.

Bear Stearns Victor  B.  Miller , IV (212) 272-4233
Citigroup Eileen  Furukawa (212) 816-2276
Credit Suisse John  Kilm (404) 897-2849
Goldman, Sachs & Co Mark D.  Wienkes (212) 357-1986
JP Morgan John  Blackledge
Lehman Brothers Anthony DiClemente (212) 526-1341
Morgan Stanley James  Farrant (212) 761-8204
RBC Capital Markets David  Bank (212) 858-7333
Wachovia Securities Marci  Ryvicker (212) 214-5010

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