Unfinished agenda of civil rights movement

Bereft of ideas, some conservatives are making hay with a radio interview of Sen. Barack Obama in which he opined that the civil rights movement had stalled because it had not come up with a strategy for economic justice.

Hello! That’s the same opinion that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made during the March on Washington speech at the Lincoln Memorial.  I thought of it while standing on the spot where King stood at the Lincoln Memorial.    He said America’s check has been returned.

King later returned to the spot in 1968 to create the Poor People’s Campaign. 

Obama’s comments are pretty mainstream analysis of the civil rights movement.

In Trouble in the Air: State of Black Business, we show that African-Americans are two or three times less likely in each state to be self-employed; and that there is a 40 percent gap in income between comparable black and white occupations.

Any one who thinks drinking from a water fountation was the end of the civil rights movement is out of touch with reality.


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