Hughley show is an abomination

I watched the D.L. Hughley show on CNN and it began to turn my stomach from the beginning.   It is as if Spike Lee’s movie on modern day minstrelsy came to life.

In pursuit of cheap laughs, Hughley gives voice to the most racist stereotypes of African-Americans.  The skit in which Freddy Mac was portrayed as a pimp was followed by a discussion with a real CNN correspondent who incorrectly sought to assign blame for the subprime meltdown on African-Americans.

Just before hand I was listening to Fox News on Sirius satellite radio.  The conservative host was defending his right to use demeaning racial stereotypes because he hears it on hip-hop music.

Imagine the use that will be made of Hughley’s sophmoric skits, apparently written by folks with no appreciation for the serious issues affecting black America.

Let’s walk through the decisionmaking process.  CNN does a highly-anticipated, well received three day series on Black America, tapping into the dearth of serious real-time journalism on African-American affairs in the summer, and out of that, instead of providing daily coverage, decides to hire a comedian for the first time to trivialize our lives.

And drops this abomination on us two weeks before an election.   CNN’s decisionmakers are turning their network into a joke.

This election campaign doesn’t need these kind of gimmicks.   It is long past time for a 24-hour channel to present African-American news.


2 thoughts on “Hughley show is an abomination

  1. This show needs to be cancelled. Sorry.

    I really think that the viewers need to make their opinions known at CNN! Let them receive thousands of complaints by phone and fax!!

    Blacks are sick and tired of seeing “coonery” on television!

    We are tired of white networks putting black minstrels on the air when too few black intellectuals are being featured who will elevate the national dialogue! Let us make that known!

    Jonathan Klein
    1 CNN Center
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Phone: 404-827-1700
    Fax: 404-827-1099


    Susan Bunda
    Executive Vice President of Content Development


    Bart Feder
    Senior Vice President of Current Programming

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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