Difference between I and we

There are two different political soliloquoys on the airwaves this week. In one ad, Sen. John McCain says “I” will fix the financial problem.  In the other, Sen. Barack Obama says “we all” have to address the education problem. The battle of pronouns helps explain why more than 3.5 million have invested their money in the Obama campaign.

It also explains why the stock markets worldwide tanked when McCain pulled into a lead after selecting Gov. Sarah Palin.  Gen. Colin Powell summed up what analysts globally must have been thinking.

Obama understands that the real job of the president is to get the other 350 million Americans on the same page.  No president has even won a war or even delivered the mail single handedly.

As I noted in my column in the October issue of the New York Society of Security Analysts, Is There an Obama Play in the Market?, the power of inclusion will provide a new paradigm for the global economy.

In line with that focus on parenting, we’re launching a new web site blackparentguide.info because in all the focus on the “achievement gap”, no one sets up an agenda for the people who are on the front line, battling racism in the workplace by day and then attempting to protect their children from dangers within and without.

We’re focusing on how to manage the educators who work with your children, because in most cases, they are woefully unprepared on the learning needs of black children.

Each of us has to take a more proactive role, because the costs of not producing healthy, well-adjusted children are far too great, particularly in a down economy.


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